It all started with an inspiration.

A dream of a young Polish girl named Elliot Pawłowski that wished to travel the world and view its wonders and luxury.

Londyn Elliot was built on this dream.

It is the dream of every girl and lady to one day carry the shiniest of stones and don the most magical of sparkles. Londyn (London in Polish) Elliot was made to fulfil that dream of every girl. Here at Londyn Elliot, we seek the shiniest stones and gems, hone it to perfection and scatter the world’s lights with its beauty. We do it with the hope that  every girl will be able to carry its shine. At Londyn Elliot, you seek beauty and we answer your call.

In 1973, research on what is to be later known as Cubic Zirconia began. Here in Londyn Elliot, we honor that date in our work and it is the foundation of what we view as an important crossroads of the gemstone industry.